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Name Title Email Phone
Lisa D. Angelo Partner Email 213-630-1023
Gina Bazaz Partner Email 213-630-1018
Carolynn K. Beck Senior Associate Email 619-544-6838 x205
Abraham Berger Senior Associate Email 213-630-1054
Paul W. Burke Senior Associate Email 213.630.1014
Todd A. Chamberlain Partner Email 213-630-1047
Cooper W. Collins Partner Email 714-953-2232
Alexis B. Cruz Associate Email 213.630.1109
Jean A. Dalmore Partner Email 213-630-1005
Jean M. Daly Partner Email 213.630.1059
Nancy J. DePasquale Associate Partner Email 714.953.2298
William T. DelHagen Of Counsel Email 213-630-1006
Mary Jane Dellafiora Of Counsel Email 213.630.1009
Richard Dongell Of Counsel Email 714.953.2238
James O. Eiler Partner Email 213.630.1063
Edmund G. Farrell, III Senior Partner Email 213-630-1020
Greg A. Feldman Associate Email 213.623.1003
J. Lynn Feldner Associate Partner Email 619-544-6838 x216
Darin W. Flagg Senior Associate Email 714-953-2243
Paul R. Flaherty Associate Partner Email 213-630-1055
Joseph Fox Of Counsel Email 619-544-6838 x225
George V. Genzmer, III Senior Counsel Email 213-623-7400
John A. Graniez Of Counsel Email 213.630.1030
Guy R. Gruppie Senior Partner Email 213-630-1089
(415) 524-4300
David M. Hall Of Counsel Email 619-544-6838
Daren E. Hengesbach Partner Email 213.630.1016
Scott L. Hengesbach Partner Email 213-630-1088
Vanessa H. Hubert Associate Partner Email 213.630.1087
Crislove A. Igeleke Associate Email 702.216.3861
James N. Kahn Associate Partner Email 213-630-1056
Terry L. Kesinger Associate Partner Email 714-953-2260
Katelyn M. Knight Senior Associate Email 415-513-0477
Jean M. Lawler Senior Counsel Email 213-630-1019
Michael B. Lawler Senior Counsel Email 213-630-1010
Scott J. Loeding Partner Email 619-544-6838 x208
Dan L. Longo Managing Partner Email 714-953-2244
Pamela J. Marantz Associate Partner Email 213-630-1070
Peter A. Martin Senior Associate Email 714.953.2268
Kelsey L. Maxwell Associate Email 213-630-1060
Margaret C. McDonald Associate Email 213.630.1044
Steven J. McEvoy Partner Email 213-630-1038
Michael D. McEvoy, Sr. General Counsel Email 213-630-1011
Heather L. Mills Partner Email 213-630-1079
Kenneth H. Moreno Partner-In-Charge Email 619-544-6838 x204
Richard C. Moreno Partner-In-Charge Email 213-630-1085
William D. Naeve Senior Partner Email 714-953-2233
(702) 360-3956
Christine V. Nitoff Associate Email 213.630.1024
Michael J. Nunez Partner-In-Charge Email 702-216-3860
Gina E. Och Partner Email 213-630-1027
Robert H. Panman Partner Email (702) 360-3956
Daniel G. Pezold Associate Partner Email 213-630-1091
Nancy N. Potter Associate Partner Email 213-630-1067
Joshua W. Praw Associate Email 213.630.1075
Matthew H. Printz Partner Email 619-544-6838 x215
Heidi C. Quan Partner Email 415-524-4303
Nanette G. Reed Partner Email 213-630-1073
Gregory A. Sargenti Associate Partner Email 714-953-2241
Robert M. Scherk Associate Partner Email 619-544-6838 x218
Benjamin H. Seal, II Of Counsel Email 213-630-1008
Friedrich W. Seitz Senior Partner Email 213-630-1000
Cher L. Shaine Senior Associate Email 702.216.3875
Brian R. Shaw Associate Email 213.630.1086
Jefferson S. Smith Partner Email 619-544-6838 x209
William J. Snyder Partner Email 619-544-6838 x210
Steven C. Spronz Of Counsel Email 213-630-1066
Philip H. Thompson Senior Counsel Email 213-630-1040
Ellen M. Tipping Partner Email 714-953-2227
(702) 360-3956
Kasey C. Townsend Partner-In-Charge Email 415-524-4305
Mary C. Trinh Partner Email 213-630-1041
Alan L. Trock Senior Associate Email 213.630.1028
Bryan J. Ure Partner Email 702-216-3870
Tyler N. Ure Senior Associate Email 702.216.3872
Tina H. Vo Senior Associate Email 213.630.1068
Steven "J.T." Washington Associate Email 702.216.3896
Bryan M. Weiss Partner Email 213-623-7400
Eric P. Weiss Partner Email 213-630-1057
Susan J. Welde Partner Email 213.630.1032
James S. Williams Partner Email 213-630-1077
David A. Winkle Partner Email 714-953-2247
Matthew K. Wisinski Partner Email 415-513-0486
Russell S. Wollman Partner Email 213-630-1037
Melissa Wood Partner Email 415-524-4307
Corine Zygelman Partner Email 213-630-1080