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Name Title Email Phone
Lisa D. Angelo Partner Email 714-972-9977
Gina Bazaz Senior Partner Email 213-630-1018
Paul W. Burke Associate Partner Email 213.630.1014
Pamela C. Chalk Associate Partner Email 619.230.6958
Todd A. Chamberlain Partner Email 213-630-1047
Elizabeth H. Chavis Associate Email 714.953.2239
Cooper W. Collins Partner Email 714-953-2232
Jean A. Dalmore Senior Partner Email 213-630-1005
Jean M. Daly Partner Email 213.630.1059
Nancy J. DePasquale Partner Email 714.953.2298
Evan B. Delgado Senior Associate Email 213.630.1081
Richard Dongell Of Counsel Email 714.953.2238
James O. Eiler Partner Email 213.630.1063
Kimiko I. Elguea Associate Email 213.630.1077
Julie A. Esposito Senior Associate Email 213.630.1019
Edmund G. Farrell, III Senior Partner Email 213-630-1020
Greg A. Feldman Associate Email 213.623.1003
Jeffrey A. Fishkin Senior Associate Email 213.630.1086
Darin W. Flagg Senior Associate Email 714-953-2243
Paul R. Flaherty Associate Partner Email 213-630-1055
Laura S. Flynn Partner Email 415.524.4307
Joseph Fox Of Counsel Email 619-544-6838 x225
Alexa F. Galloway Associate Email 213.630.1058
Christy Gargalis Senior Associate Email 213.630.1011
Guy R. Gruppie Senior Partner Email 213-630-1089
(415) 524-4300
(909) 212-7623
David M. Hall Of Counsel Email 619-544-6838
Anton N. Handal Partner Email 619.230.6942
Suzanna R. Harman Associate Email 213.630.1064
Kelly Hayes Associate Email 619.230.6923
Daren E. Hengesbach Partner Email 213.630.1016
(909) 212-7623
Scott L. Hengesbach Partner Email 213-630-1088
Vanessa H. Hubert Partner Email 213.630.1087
Celim E. Huezo Senior Associate Email 213.630.1026
James N. Kahn Associate Partner Email 213-630-1056
Daniel J. Klett Associate Email 702.216.3896
Lissa D. Laffey Senior Associate Email 213.630.1025
Todd G. Lezon Associate Email 213.630.1044
Kenneth I. Litton Partner Email 415.524.4311
Scott J. Loeding Partner Email 619-544-6838 x208
Dan L. Longo Managing Partner Email 213.630.1022
Pamela J. Marantz Associate Partner Email 213-630-1070
Peter A. Martin Senior Associate Email 714.953.2268
Kelsey L. Maxwell Partner Email 213-630-1060
Christopher M. McDonald Partner Email 714.953.2260
Michael D. McEvoy, Sr. General Counsel Email 213-623-7400
Kenneth H. Moreno Partner-In-Charge Email 619-544-6838 x204
Richard C. Moreno Partner-In-Charge Email 213-630-1085
William D. Naeve Senior Partner Email 714-953-2233
(702) 360-3956
Hao T. Nguyen Associate Partner Email 213.630.1024
Georgiana A. Nikias Associate Partner Email 213.630.1054
Michael J. Nunez Partner-In-Charge Email 702-216-3860
Gina E. Och Partner Email 213-630-1027
Robert H. Panman Partner Email (702) 360-3956
Daniel G. Pezold Associate Partner Email 213-630-1091
(909) 212-7623
Nancy N. Potter Associate Partner Email 213-630-1067
Joshua W. Praw Associate Email 213.630.1075
Matthew H. Printz Partner Email 619-544-6838 x215
Heidi C. Quan Partner Email 415-524-4303
R. Scott Rasmussen Partner Email 702.216.3868
Anthony D. Ross Senior Associate Email 213.630.1001
Gregory A. Sargenti Associate Partner Email 714-953-2241
Robert M. Scherk Partner Email 619-544-6838 x218
Benjamin H. Seal, II Of Counsel Email 213-630-1008
Friedrich W. Seitz Senior Partner Email 213-630-1000
Jefferson S. Smith Partner Email 619-544-6838 x209
William J. Snyder Partner Email 619-544-6838 x210
Steven C. Spronz Of Counsel Email 213-630-1066
Jeffrey N. Stewart Associate Partner Email 213.630.1078
Kasey C. Townsend Partner-In-Charge Email 415-524-4305
Katie M. Trinh Associate Email 213.630.1030
Bryan J. Ure Partner Email 702-216-3870
Tyler N. Ure Senior Associate Email 702.216.3872
Tina H. Vo Partner Email 213.630.1068
Matthew E. Voss Associate Partner Email 213.630.1031
Jackie K. Vu Partner Email 213.630.1062
Eric P. Weiss Partner Email 213-630-1057
Susan J. Welde Partner Email 213.630.1032
Joseph A. Whitecavage Associate Partner Email 415.524.4313
Jason R. Wigg Senior Associate Email 702.216.3875
David A. Winkle Partner Email 714-953-2247
Adam M. Winokur Associate Email 213.630.1041
Matthew K. Wisinski Partner Email 415-513-0486
Russell S. Wollman Partner Email 213-630-1037
Laurie E. Yoon Associate Email 415.524.4319
Corine Zygelman Partner Email 213-630-1080