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The Second District Issues Useful Case Relative to Commercial General Liability for Construction Defects, Clarifying CA law on Concept of “Property Damage” and “Impaired Property”
June 17, 2014
By: John H. Podesta

California Issues Long-Awaited Decision in Hartford v. Swift, Finding No Coverage For Claims of "Implied" Disparagement
June 12, 2014
By: Bryan M. Weiss

Nevada Federal Court Finds No Coverage for Molestation Allegations
June 24, 2013
FC&S Legal
By: John H. Podesta

You're Never "Fully Covered": Obligations and Liabilities of Insurance Brokers in Procuring Insurance for Their Clients
April 24, 2013
USLAW Magazine
By: Nancy N. Potter

California Courts and the Duty to Initiate Settlement Negotiations
February 22, 2013
IADC Insurance and Reinsurance Committee Newsletter
By: Bryan M. Weiss

Corruption of the Appraisal Process
October 4, 2012
USLAW Magazine
By: Carolyn A. Mathews

New Supreme Court Case on Long Tail Exposures: State of California v. Continental Insurance (S170560)
August 10, 2012
By: John H. Podesta

Ninth Circuit Rules that an Insurer Has an Affirmative Duty to “Effectuate a Settlement” Once its Insured’s Liability in Excess of the Policy Limits Becomes “Reasonably Clear”
June 21, 2012
By: Bryan M. Weiss

The Duty to Defend "Inextricably Intertwined" Actions
May 2, 2012
IADC Insurance and Reinsurance Committee Newsletter
By: Bryan M. Weiss

The Problem Of Suspended Corporations In The Present Economic Downturn
February 21, 2012
Insurance Thought Leadership
By: John H. Podesta

Earth Movement Exclusion Held Ambiguous By Nevada Supreme Court
November 3, 2011
American Bar Association Insurance Coverage Case Notes
By: John H. Podesta

What Insurance Professionals Should Know about Howell v. Hamilton
October 17, 2011
By: Scott L. Hengesbach

New CA Bad Faith Opinion - Howard v. American National
August 11, 2010

New California Supreme Court Decision: Minkler v. Safeco
June 18, 2010
By: Jean M. Lawler

Insurers Can Be Sued Under CA B&P 17200
February 1, 2010
By: Bryan M. Weiss

Insurance Coverage for "Blast Fax" Claims
May 1, 2009
By: Bryan M. Weiss

California Supreme Court’s Crawford Decision Changes the Face of Defense Payments and Potential for Erosion of Policy Limits
August 1, 2008
By: Jean M. Lawler

No Assurances - Insurance coverage for the events of September 11 will hinge upon the interpretation of often ambiguous policy language
October 1, 2002
By: Jean M. Lawler

California Appellate Court Finds Unambiguous Language to be Against Public Policy
July 1, 2002
By: Kenneth Goates

"Passing the Buck": Focus on Addtional Insured Issues
November 30, 1999
By: Bryan M. Weiss, Carolyn A. Mathews, and Nancy N. Potter