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Expand and Contract: Developments in Workers' Compensation Exclusive Remedy >
April 3, 2019
USLAW Magazine
By: Michael J. Nunez and Kelsey L. Maxwell

September 5, 2018
USLAW Magazine
By: Gina E. Och

California Supreme Court Finds Evidence of Industry Custom and Practice May be Admissible in Strict Liability Actions Under Limited Circumstances >
August 28, 2018

Changes of the California Bar Exam: If you think a three-day exam is tough, you haven’t seen anything yet. >
November 30, 2015

Murchison & Cumming, LLP Scares Away Plaintiff in Assumption of Risk Case >
November 25, 2015
Daily Journal

Bitter Business Disputes: Four Practical Tips on Making a Successful Loss Profits Claim >
April 9, 2015
USLAW Magazine

Just What the Doctor Ordered? Tips for Employee Wellness Programs >
April 9, 2015
USLAW Magazine

Wrap-Up Insurance Programs An Examination of Liability Exposures for Participants in California >
March 19, 2015
Journal of American Law

Your Jury Box In The 21st Century Getting to Know (And Manage) The Millennial Juror >
October 24, 2014
Litigation Management Magazine
By: Dan L. Longo

Why Every Insurance Carrier Should Insist That The New Construction Form Interrogatories Be Used >
August 11, 2014
Katherine Gallo’s blog - Resolving Discovery Disputes

Internship Programs Safe for Savvy Companies -- "No making copies or fetching coffee. We do that for ourselves." >
August 1, 2014
DRI's Employment Law Newsletter, "The Job Description"

The Second District Issues Useful Case Relative to Commercial General Liability for Construction Defects, Clarifying CA law on Concept of “Property Damage” and “Impaired Property” >
June 17, 2014

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