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September 24, 2013

Mediating a Case Driven by Coverage Issues and Avoiding Bad Faith

Settling and mediating cases with coverage issues can be a challenge. How the carrier decides to negotiate or settle cases can protect those coverage positions and the carrier’s exposure, or it can create potential bad faith liability. We will identify the challenges of settling and mediating such cases, and discuss how to preserve the integrity of the coverage position while minimizing the risk of extra contractual liability.

This and the other Insurance Roundtables are intended to be interactive and participatory roundtables, on topics of interest to the Insurance Industry, led by the partners of the firm's Insurance Law practice group: Jean M. Lawler, Bryan M. Weiss, Valarie H. Jonas, John H. Podesta and Michael J. Nunez. Please feel free to contact Ms. Lawler or Mr. Weiss if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a private educational program for your company.

Participation by webinar, phone and in-person is offered.

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    Mediating a Case Driven by Coverage Issues and Avoiding Bad Faith

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