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Training/Education and Other Client Services

With a reputation for realistically evaluating liability and damage exposure, achieving early settlements and being formidable trial lawyers, M&C’s lawyers are uniquely situated to assist insurers and risk-managers in a variety of roles.

Auditing Services

M&C attorneys assist insurers and reinsurers in conducting audits of claim files and providing evaluation regarding liability and damage exposure, as well as advice re coverage, defense and settlement strategy.

Coordinating, National, Regional and Local Counsel Services

Over the years the firm has served in each of these roles for clients facing multi-jurisdictional matters.  The services provided are determined by the issues in dispute and the needs of the clients, but often include work related to discovery, pleadings, motion work and trial assistance.

Expert Witness Services

Several of our more senior-level attorneys have served as expert witnesses regarding issues pertinent to their particular practice areas, and are available to provide expert consultation or testimony.

Monitoring Counsel

Experienced M&C attorneys are available to monitor litigation and trials, providing businesses and insurers with attorney-client privileged advice and assisting with defense, trial and/or settlement evaluation and strategy.

Pre-Appellate Trial Related Services

M&C’s appellate and law and motion specialists assist clients and their trial counsel in implementing  law and motion strategy in the pre- and post-trial stages, working with trial counsel during trial to identify and prepare trial motions and objections needed to preserve appellate rights, and providing independent evaluations of appellate issues and the chances of prevailing on appeal.

Professional Education, Claims Handling and Fraud Training & Certification

Our attorneys are certified providers of continuing professional education by the State of California and the CA Department of Insurance.  We provide annual California Fair Claims Settlement Practices certification and Fraud Training/Certification.   We regularly provide seminars of interest to clients and are able to tailor educational programs to meet client needs.

Sexual Harassment and other Employment Training

Our employment lawyers provide employers with California’s required sexual harassment training and other training on employment issues as may be requested.