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Billing Philosophy

We teach our lawyers and staff about the economics of litigation - the need for budgeting and the need to respect our client's money, spending it wisely. 

Reflective of the firm's reputation for providing value to clients, several years ago we were nominated for membership in the Council for Ethical Billing, since re-named the Council on Litigation Management.  As a sponsor of the Southern California Chapter of ACCA, we support the ACC Value Challenge.  

We bill by the tenth of the hour if billing on an hourly basis.  For years we have handled matters and books of business under just about every alternative billing method that exists and are willing to discuss alternatives to hourly billing with clients who are interested.

We are proactive in working to keep client costs to a minimum. For example, where appropriate and allowed by the Judge, we require our lawyers to use Court-Call. We strive to efficiently manage E-Discovery searches and work with vendors with whom the firm or clients have negotiated special billing arrangements. 

The firm requires client authorization before any phase of the litigation plan can be implemented, before experts can be retained or extraordinary costs incurred.

Electronic billing is second nature to us, as is the use of billing codes. Our management and accounting teams are willing and able to assist in implementing whatever special billing needs a client may have.