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Motion of Summary Judgement Granted in Slip and Fall Case

October 11, 2022

A motion for summary judgment was granted in the Los Angeles Superior Court in a premises liability case. Lisa D. Angelo, Gregory G. Brezovec, and Scott J. Loeding of Murchison & Cumming, LLP represented defendant.

This case involved a customer slipping and falling upon liquid that was believed to have come from a cup that another customer was holding and drinking from. According to video surveillance, which was 11 minutes in length, the footage showed Plaintiff walking behind the customer with the cup and all of a sudden, falling to the ground after the customer with the cup drank from his cup. The Court found this evidence to be sufficient for Defendant to meet its initial burden as “the liquid likely was spilled six seconds prior to the incident when a man carrying a cup walked through the exact location.” In her opposition, Plaintiff failed to present additional evidence to show the liquid she slipped upon came from another source and/or that the liquid was on the floor before the man with the cup walked through the area where Plaintiff fell.