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Class Action & Consumer Litigation

Murchison & Cumming, LLP defends class actions and consumer-related lawsuits in a wide range of areas and businesses.

We have successfully represented clients in statewide and nationwide class actions, including in multi-district litigation (MDL). We have effectively brought early resolution to such cases, whether dismissing class action allegations at the pleading stages, defeating class certification motions, or negotiating settlement terms favorable to our clients.

Recognizing the high stakes involved for our business clients in these multi-plaintiff cases, we use an interdisciplinary approach whereby we offer our business clients a team of attorneys with expertise in such areas as consumer claims, unfair business practices, false advertising, products liability, environmental law, transportation, employment and labor, and insurance.

While we have the ability and preparedness to try these cases with experienced trial attorneys, we know that our business clients want immediate and effective solutions in these cases. Consequently, we employ law and motion proceedings and discovery tools to dispose of these cases at the pleading and class certification stages. Moreover, we undertake creative strategies and answers to obtain favorable settlements to protect our business client's objectives and needs. Finally, we offer experienced appellate practitioners, who are able to defend our clients at the state and federal levels.

Representative Matters

John Doe v. Panera, LLC (California – State Court). Counsel for Mariposa Bread Company, L.L.C. and LA Doughmakers, LLC in consumer class action alleging product defect and false advertising claims regarding nut allergies and bread products in California.

Raglin v. Wondries Nissan, Inc. (California – State Court). Dismissed class action allegations by demurrer in consumer class action alleging misrepresentation, unfair business practices, and violation of Automobile Sales Finance Act involved in vehicle sales agreements.

Post v. The Swan Corporation (California – State Court). Defeated class certification in action brought by homeowners for allegedly defective shower pans.

In Re Pet Food Products Liability Litigation (California – State and Federal Courts). Defended Menu Foods in multiple state, federal, and MDL proceedings comprising of nationwide class actions involved in allegedly tainted pet food.

For more information about the Class Action & Consumer Litigation Practice Group of Murchison & Cumming LLP, its attorneys and services, please contact:

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