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M&C Announces Topics & Schedule for Its 2011 Insurance Roundtable Series

April 20, 2011

2011 Insurance Roundtables

March 22 -

California Fair Claims Settlement Regulations  California’s “Fair Claims Settlement Practices” regulations play a crucial role in every claims professional’s job, and can result in drastic consequences to the company if not followed. In fact, the regulations require that licensees be trained in the regulations annually and certify that they have received this training. This Roundtable will accomplish that training requirement for our attendees, but even if you have already been certified or are not required to be certified, we urge you to attend as you will learn some valuable information.

June 14 -

Defending with Independent Counsel  When a company decides to defend its insured through a reservation of rights, a crucial issue is whether or not that reservation triggers the right to independent counsel. At this Roundtable, we will discuss the factors that dictate whether or not independent counsel must be provided, and if so, the issues presented by that defense (including costs, control of defense, etc.).

September 13 -

Writing Effective Reservation and Denial Letters  When an insurer decides to defend an action under a reservation of rights, or to deny coverage entirely, it is crucial that the written communications to the insured effectively convey the insurer’s position and that the letters comply with statutes, regulations and case law. An improperly drafted letter can result in liability against the insurer that could have been avoided. This Roundtable will address how these letters should be properly written so that they hold up to judicial scrutiny and effectively convey the carrier’s position.

November 15 -

Important Court Decisions This Year for the Insurance Industry   A brief survey of this year’s California and Nevada Appellate and Supreme Court decisions which impact insureds, insurers, risk managers, brokers and agents, on issues ranging from insurance coverage to bad faith and claims handling.

The Insurance Roundtables are intended to be interactive and participatory roundtables, on topics of interest to the Insurance Industry, led by Jean M. Lawler and Bryan M. Weiss, Co-Chairs of the firm's Insurance Law practice group. Please feel free to contact Ms. Lawler or Mr. Weiss if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a private educational program for your company.

Telephonic participation is welcomed and encouraged for clients outside of the Los Angeles area. Please see the below PDF invitation for event details, and submit RSVPs to Arleen Milian, Director of Client Relations, at amilian@murchisonlaw.com.

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