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Transportation Liability

Murchison & Cumming, LLP's Transportation Practice Group handles a wide range of commercial transportation issues such as trucking and tour bus accident litigation, product liability, broker and third party logistic liability, cargo loss and damage, breach of contract and most prominently, catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters.

Our attorneys routinely represent clients in state and federal courts throughout California and Nevada, including a 24 hour rapid response team which provides immediate on-scene assistance in cooperation with experts and independent adjusters to assess liability even before the skid marks have faded. Our attorneys, led by Senior Partner Richard C. Moreno, advise clients on reducing exposure and liability and partner with clients to achieve realistic goals in defense of each unique matter. Our clients include large motor carrier fleets, owner operators, Third Party Logistics Brokers, and bus and class 8 tractor manufacturers.



  • Broker and Logistics Provider Liability
  • Cargo and Property Loss and Damage
  • Intermodal Activities

Commercial Transportation

  • OSHA Compliance and Audits
  • Personal Injury
  • Risk Mitigation and Transfer
  • Safety Procedures

Motor Coach/Bus

  • OSHA Compliance and Audits
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Risk Mitigation and Transfer
  • Safety Procedures


For almost 20 years, the Murchison & Cumming Transportation Practice Group has served clients providing rapid response accident investigation and evidence preservation throughout California and Nevada. From the moment we receive the call, the rapid response team moves quickly to make sure that critical facts are gathered, key evidence is maintained and to ensure client compliance with local and Federal rules and regulations. These goals are achieved through the efforts of our attorneys, and when necessary, as well as a team of experts and consultants who are always prepared to mobilize and move into action when called upon.

The hours immediately following a major accident are critical and there are several action items that need to be addressed by the rapid response team. Those activities include locating witnesses, downloading electronic data from engine modules, on board cameras and/or satellite locating devices on the involved vehicles. The team will also canvass an accident location in search of surveillance footage that may capture the accident and/or the aftermath. Accident reconstruction experts and private investigators work together to locate the involved vehicles so that scanning, photographing and 3D imaging can be achieved.

The team will also make immediate contact with and sequester the driver so that a detailed account of the accident is preserved and to perform the requisite drug and alcohol screening. These rapid response activities are absolutely essential, and the information gathered by the team during the investigation becomes the basis of a detailed assessment of liability that the firm will then provide to the client. The information gathered also allows the team to provide the client with a detailed assessment of future action items in connection with the accident investigation.

For more information about the Transportation Liability Practice Group of Murchison & Cumming LLP, its attorneys and services, please contact:

Richard C. Moreno