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ADR - Mediation & Arbitration Services

Mediation Counsel

Our attorneys are available to specially appear for the purpose of negotiating settlements of pending matters being defended by counsel from other law firms, allowing trial counsel to be free from the distraction of settlement negotiations during trial or trial preparation. With a trial attorney’s background, specialized legal knowledge and well-honed negotiating skills, M&C lawyers are available to serve in this unique role, to assist in properly positioning settlement negotiation strategy. For assistance in this regard, please contact the attorney of your choosing or one of our practice group chairs.

Mediator/Arbitrator Services

M&C lawyers include certified mediators, court-appointed mediators, experienced attorneys who are masters at settling cases, a recipient of an LLM in Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, and others, who stand at the ready to serve as mediators, arbitrators, umpires and/or facilitators for resolution of disputes. We are able to handle mediation or arbitration of individual matters and are also available to hold “settlement days” at one of our offices, serving as mediators for multiple claims/matters. We also have attorneys who serve as arbitrators and umpires for 1st party property disputes. 

To schedule a mediation or to discuss the firm's mediation services, please contact Benjamin H. Seal, II.

For more information about the ADR - Mediation & Arbitration Services Practice Group of Murchison & Cumming LLP, its attorneys and services, please contact:

Benjamin H. Seal, II, Chair


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