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Bryan Weiss Leading a Panel at USLAW Client Conference

March 29, 2016

San Francisco Partner Bryan M. Weiss will be the co-moderator of a panel at the 2016 USLAW Client Conference on April 9 in Palos Verdes, CA. The panel consists of USLAW attorneys and clients in the insurance and construction industry.

Mr. Weiss and the panel will discuss, "Architects and Engineers: The Interplay of Commercial General Liability and Errors and Omissions Policies.” When a problem attributed to design arises on a construction project, it is common for architects and engineers to seek coverage for claims under both CGL and E&O policies. This presents a number of potential complications for insurers and potential disputes between the insurers, the insured and other claimants. The panel will focus on the potential friction between these coverages and nuances in the laws that affect claims made against architects and engineers, particularly as relates to professional liability insurance policies and how to manage any resulting disputes. They will also address the “finger pointing” that occurs over the “design vs. means and methods of construction” arguments that inevitably arise, and discuss whether there are ways to reconcile these disagreements to present a united front in litigation.