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M&C Announces Topics & Schedule for Its 2010 Insurance Roundtable Series

March 1, 2010

2010 Insurance Roundtables

April 20 -

Declaratory Relief Actions – To File or Not To File? Dec Actions are a valuable tool to adjudicate the rights, duties and obligations of the parties to an insurance contract. This Roundtable will discuss the variety of issues and strategies that come into play when making the decision as to whether or not to file, where and when to file, and the ultimate goal to be achieved.

June 15 -

Defending & Settling Lawsuits Under Reservation of Rights This Roundtable will focus on when the right to independent counsel might attach and various issues that arise in the normal course of litigation where defense is under reservation, ranging from control of the defense to negotiating and funding a settlement where there are non-covered damages.

September 21 -

Bad Faith & Claims Handling For Insurers Proper claims handling is the key to avoiding bad faith exposure.  This Roundtable will address ways for insurers to proactively identify and manage situations that arise during the claims and litigation process so as to ensure that the Company is protected.

November 16 -

Important Court Decisions This Year for the Insurance Industry A brief survey of this year’s California and Nevada Appellate and Supreme Court decisions which impact insureds, insurers,  risk managers, brokers and agents, on issues ranging from insurance coverage to bad faith and claims handling.

The Insurance Roundtables are intended to be interactive and participatory roundtables, on topics of interest to the Insurance Industry, led by Jean M. Lawler and Bryan M. Weiss, Co-Chairs of the firm's Insurance Law practice group.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Lawler or Mr. Weiss if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a private educational program for your company.