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Jury Rejects $12 Million Demand Against M&C Client

March 28, 2024

Following a five-week trial in plaintiff-friendly San Bernardino County Superior Court, a defense verdict was reached in a case involving a boat crash on the Colorado River. Partners Russell S. Wollman and Todd A. Chamberlain of Murchison & Cumming represented the boat manufacturer. Congratulations also to Darin W. Flagg, Senior Associate, for his law and motion contributions to the trial victory.

The incident occurred when the driver of the power boat lost control at speeds between 60 and 80 miles per hour, resulting in the loss of control upon hitting a wave. Subsequently, the boat nosedived, causing it to come apart in the front and eject the plaintiff into the water, resulting in a fracture to his thoracic spine.

The plaintiff filed a lawsuit citing negligence on the part of the boat driver and alleging negligence and certain product liability against the boat itself. The plaintiff sought substantial compensation, totaling $12 million dollars.

After a thorough deliberation period lasting five days, the jury returned with a defense verdict, finding no fault on the part of either defendant. The plaintiff's claims have been dismissed, and no damages have been awarded.