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Nevada's Cannabis Compliance Board Launches and Prepares for Inaugural Meeting

July 16, 2020

By: Crislove A. Igeleke

On July 1, 2020 the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) became fully authorized to take over regulation of the state’s cannabis industry. The CCB was created last year when Governor Steve Sisolak signed AB533. The regulatory body was noted as being one of the Governor’s top priorities during the 2019 legislative session. Governor Sisolak says the board will "play a vital role in both supporting the industry and holding it to the highest standard."

So far the Governor has appointed former Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Douglas as chairman, along with former Gaming Control Board chairman and lawyer Dennis Neilander and local banker Jerrie Merritt to the five-member board. The two remaining positions will be filled by a medical professional and an individual with special knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Advisory Commission (CAC) will be chaired by CCB Executive Director Tyler Klimas, a Nevada Native and former lobbyist, along with seven additional members. The CAC will be tasked with making recommendations to the Board.

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board’s final Proposed Regulations are set for Consideration and Adoption on July 21, 2020 during the Board’s inaugural board meeting. The new board will be in charge of company site inspections; overseeing marijuana lab testing; auditing; tracking; vetting employees, owners, officers & board members; issuing agent cards and more.

The new proposed regulations are titled as follows:

  1. Issuance of Regulations; Construction; Definitions
  2. Cannabis Compliance Board: Organization and Administration
  3. Cannabis Advisory Commission: Organization and Administration
  4. Disciplinary and Other Proceedings Before the Board
  5. Licensing, Background Checks, and Registration Cards
  6. Distribution of Cannabis
  7. Cannabis Sales Facility
  8. Cannabis Cultivation Facility
  9. Production of Cannabis Products
  10. Minimum Good Manufacturing Practices for Cultivation and Preparation of Cannabis and Cannabis Products for Administration to Humans
  11. Cannabis Testing Facilities
  12. Packaging and Labeling of Cannabis Products
  13. Cannabis Distributors
  14. Workplace Requirements

These regulations can also be found posted on the Department of Taxation’s website here as well as on the CCB’s website here

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