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Re-opening Businesses After COVID-19 Pandemic: What businesses need to know in order to be in compliance with state and federal guidelines and other issues

April 24, 2020

By: R. Scott Rasmussen

Businesses are looking for guidance as they plan to re-open their business or are still open but concerned about claims being made against them from customers or employees that could potentially come in contact with the virus while at the place of business. Federal, state and local guidelines are being drafted to deal with business re-opening issues. However, understanding the meaning of these guidelines and their effect on other guidelines has left open questions about compliance, enforcement, guideline conflict and reporting. Murchison & Cumming has created a legal task force of attorneys to respond to their business client's needs to sift through the guidelines, determine which ones affect which businesses, create compliance plans, prepare employee training materials and answer questions about possible future claims. This is an unprecedented time in our history. Businesses want to return to full operations but, they also want to do so in a manner that is safe for their employees and their customers. We plan to provide quick responses to your legal questions and work with you in developing plans you can be confident include compliance with those things businesses need to understand. This task force is currently looking at issues involving:

  • Make our business clients aware of and how to be in compliance with Federal, State and Local statutes, regulations, guidelines and standards
  • Drafting compliance plans unique to your business
  • Creating industry standards and reviewing newly proposed industry standards that will be utilized in future business models of operation
  • Providing counsel on insurance that provides coverage for future claims including the interruption of your business
  • Instituting specific training protocols for a business's employees, with comprehensive materials that employees and businesses can rely on
  • Determining specific mandated Personal Protection Equipment a business should have on-site for employees and customers going forward
  • Recommending steps to be taken if a claims is made that affects the business
  • Provide guidance on employee requests for COVID-19 related accommodations
  • Provide advice related to COVID-19 employment claims

Making sure our business clients are legally prepared for the future is our task. Even when those issues are complex and daunting. Businesses that are prepared for these future realities will bring them peace of mind and a better pathway to future successes. Customers will appreciate those business that are forward thinking in implementing plans with their concerns in mind. Our multi-state legal task force is tackling these issues with a wealth of legal knowledge and experience in administrative compliance. This is a new area, and we will do our best to guide your business through us.

Scott Rasmussen, who has 24 years of experience as an attorney in gaming compliance and litigation, is heading up the legal task force in Nevada along with California attorneys Anton "Tony" Handal and Heidi Quan.

Scott can be reached at 702.216.3686
Tony can be reached at 619.230.6942
Heidi can be reached at 415.524.4303

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