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Nevada Cannabis Industry Staying Level Headed Amidst the COVID Pandemic

April 3, 2020

While stocks have been dropping across nearly every industry, and while the strip casinos have all shut their doors, the cannabis business across Las Vegas has gone fairly unscathed. In addition to stocking up on groceries and cleaning products, residents are also heavily frequenting the local dispensaries, in what appears to be an attempt to combat the distress.

In an effort to comply with social distancing orders, companies are now more than ever employing delivery service, curb side pick-up and even drive through service. Some locations have seen upwards of 2000 drive through customers in a single day. "Licensed cannabis stores and medical dispensaries should only remain open if employees and consumers strictly adhere to the social distancing protocol," the Nevada Health Response Center issued in a statement, essentially giving the O.K. for local dispensaries to continue their operations.

On March 20, 2020, Governor Sisolak ordered the closure of all cannabis storefront operations. However, both recreational and medical cannabis are still available by delivery only. All licensed stores are now able to deliver and the state has enacted emergency rules to allow all licensed stores to deliver.

According to Nevada Taxation officials, the state currently has 38 dispensaries in operation providing delivery services. The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) issued a new temporary 60 day license procedure allowing dispensaries to deliver their own product.

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