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Senior Partner Guy Gruppie Featured in Super Lawyers Magazine

February 18, 2020

Super Lawyers Magazine

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Guy R. Gruppie has been featured in a Super Lawyers Magazine article "Guy Gruppie had the best job in the world: sports reporter; then he got a better one."

"There’s a certain kind of kid who grows up idolizing the journalists covering sports as much as the athletes themselves. Guy Gruppie was that kid.

“I had a little transistor radio,” Gruppie recalls, “and [before bedtime] I could get an inning or two of Vin Scully”—a broadcaster, he adds, who was so famously descriptive “you could almost picture you were there. He was not stat-driven, and he played it down the middle. When the Dodgers played badly, he didn’t hesitate to say that.”

By age 5, Gruppie was reading the L.A. Times sports pages. Along with Scully, he admired journalists Jim Murray, Ross Newhan, Scott Osler and Mark Heisler. He wrote for his papers in grade school, middle school and at Esperanza High School, and as a USC freshman he got a job stringing for the Fullerton Daily News Tribune, covering the high school sports beat. While still an undergraduate, he landed his dream job on the sports desk of the Los Angeles Times—again covering high school games. He was put on the copy desk, writing headlines and doing final edits. Occasionally, he was sent to cover college and the pros."

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