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Murchison & Cumming’s James O. Eiler Receives Anthony G. Marshall Hospitality Law Award

May 10, 2017

Murchison & Cumming is pleased to announce that James O. Eiler has been chosen by his peers to receive the Anthony G. Marshall Hospitality Law Award for 2017. The award is presented each year at the Hospitality Law Conference and is given to someone who has made pioneering and lasting contributions to the field of hospitality law. In presenting the Award, the selection board seeks to recognize someone who exemplifies Mr. Marshall’s commitment to hospitality law.

The Anthony G. Marshall Hospitality Law Award was first presented to Mr. Anthony G. Marshall himself at the 2005 Hospitality Law Conference. Mr. Marshall was a renowned educator, author, speaker and columnist for Hotel & Motel Management Magazine. His writing brought hospitality law to the masses, so that operators, not just lawyers, could understand what the law expected of them. In the words of Mr. Marshall, the goal of his Hotel & Motel Magazine column is “to take legalese and put it into a style that the industry will read, understand, enjoy, and, in the process, learn something.” It is in that spirit that we recognize each year’s recipient.

James O. Eiler is a Partner in Murchison & Cumming, LLP’s Los Angeles office and serves as a Co-Chair of the Hospitality Law practice group. Through the span of nearly 30 years, Mr. Eiler has become one of California’s most recognized hospitality law attorneys. Having represented and counseled a variety of hospitality clients on claims including operations, general negligence and premises liability, food borne illness and foreign objects, Legionella and other toxic torts, civil rights, ADA, franchise litigation and many more. Mr. Eiler understands the full spectrum of the hospitality space. A sought after author and speaker, Mr. Eiler brings his years of experience as a thought leader and industry expert to the Hospitality Law community. As an active participant in several key trade industry associations, he also helps shape regulations and legislation affecting the hospitality industries on an ongoing basis. In furtherance of Anthony Marshall's goal of educating future hospitality leaders of tomorrow, Mr. Eiler is currently an Adjunct faculty member at California State University, Long Beach teaching hospitality law in the Hospitality Management program. He previously taught hospitality law at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and San Diego State University.