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Los Angeles Office Attorneys

Name Title Email Phone
Lisa D. Angelo Partner Email 714-972-9977
Gina Bazaz Senior Partner Email 213-630-1018
Abraham Berger Partner Email 213.630.1077 
Gregory G. Brezovec Associate Email 213.630.1017
Paul W. Burke Associate Partner Email 213.630.1014
Elizabeth H. Burnett Associate Email 213.630.1040
Todd A. Chamberlain Partner Email 213-630-1047
Thomas R. Coulston Associate Email 213.630.1057 
Jean A. Dalmore Senior Partner Email 213-630-1005
Evan B. Delgado Senior Associate Email 213.630.1081
Denise A. Dickey Associate Partner Email 213.630.1025 
Richard Dongell Of Counsel Email 714.953.2238
James O. Eiler Partner Email 213.630.1063
Clarence E. Ellington III Associate Email 213.630.1092
Julie A. Esposito Senior Associate Email 213.630.1019
Edmund G. Farrell, III General Counsel Email 213-630-1020
Jeffrey A. Fishkin Associate Partner Email 213.630.1086
Paul R. Flaherty Associate Partner Email 213-630-1055
Guy R. Gruppie Senior Partner Email 213-630-1089
(415) 524-4300
(909) 212-7623
Richard C. Hatem Associate Partner Email 213.630.1041
Daren E. Hengesbach Partner Email 213.630.1016
(909) 212-7623
Scott L. Hengesbach Partner Email 213-630-1088
Celim E. Huezo Associate Partner Email 213.630.1026
James N. Kahn Partner Email 213-630-1056
Todd G. Lezon Partner Email 213.630.1044
Dan L. Longo Managing Partner Email 213.630.1022
Jeffrey C. Lynn Associate Partner Email 213.630.1135 
Bonni S. Mantovani Of Counsel Email 213.623.7400 
Kelsey L. Maxwell Partner Email 213-630-1060
Amelia Sedano McDonald Of Counsel Email (213) 623-7400
Richard C. Moreno Partner-In-Charge Email 213-630-1085
Georgiana A. Nikias Partner Email 213.630.1054
Gina E. Och Partner Email 213-630-1027
Refugio Ortega-Carrillo Associate Email 213.630.1010
Robert H. Panman Partner Email (702) 360-3956
Sean O. Perruzzi Associate Partner Email 213.630.1002
Daniel G. Pezold Associate Partner Email 213-630-1091
(909) 212-7623
Stephanie S. Poli Associate Email 213.630.1078 
Nancy N. Potter Associate Partner Email 213-630-1067
Joshua W. Praw Partner Email 213.630.1075
Anthony D. Ross Senior Associate Email 213.630.1001
Mark A. Schenkman Of Counsel Email 213.630.1046   
Benjamin H. Seal, II Of Counsel Email 213-630-1008
Friedrich W. Seitz Senior Partner Email 213-630-1000
Tarik J. Shoukeh Associate Email 213.630.1024
Adesh Singh Associate Email 213.630.1004
Steven C. Spronz Of Counsel Email 213-630-1066
Katie M. Trinh Associate Email 213.630.1030
Matthew E. Voss Partner Email 213.630.1031
Mirth White Senior Associate Email 213.630.1070
Russell S. Wollman Partner Email 213-630-1037
Zeana A. Zoreikat Associate Email 213.630.1053
Corine Zygelman Partner Email 213-630-1080