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Litigation Philosophy

Our disciplined, deliberate and aggressive approach to defending civil litigation has served our clients well for more than 90 years.  We are time tested.  Focused attention on early evaluation and resolution is what allows us to achieve targeted results as early as possible in litigated matters, whether through voluntary dismissals, motion practice, settlement, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, trial and/or appeal.

Together with our clients we develop an appropriate defense strategy, litigation plan and time schedule as it relates to completion of specific tasks and/or phases and staffing of the matter. We are a working firm and our partners and of counsel are “hands on” with each and every matter. Depending on the complexity of the issues involved, a backup attorney may be assigned to assist with discovery and court appearances and/or a law & motion backup attorney may be assigned to prepare motions, assist in preparing discovery to help set the case up for summary judgment, prepare jury instructions and handle briefing issues as they arise.  Paralegals assist with pleadings, discovery and trial preparation as is appropriate to the matter. 

Clients do not want “surprises” in litigation and neither do we.   We communicate with clients regularly and often - and train our lawyers to re-evaluate liability and damages each time there is a deposition or other development of significance in the matter, and to then adjust the defense strategy as may be appropriate.  We aggressively pursue the targeted result in a focused, efficient and effective manner.

The firm is a member of the Council on Litigation Management and a sponsor of the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. We are committed to each group’s philosophies of value-driven litigation management. 



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